Our Services

International Yacht Brokerage

Our team is highly experienced in the acquisition or sale of new or pre-owned vessels. Over the years we have been involved in the sale of a wide variety of yachts ranging in size to almost 200 feet. Our activities have included a very significant number of domestic transactions, as well as a diversity of international dealings in countries including much of Europe (Italy, England, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Denmark, Greece), the Middle East, Australia, China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico and Latin America.

We have successfully negotiated new build contracts between owners, yards and attorney’s at significant savings to our clients, and are experienced in dealing with foreign exchange including hedging and purchasing currency, to our client’s distinct advantage. We are extremely knowledgeable in domestic and foreign registrations, as well as all aspects of the purchase and sale process; including market comparables, surveys, insurance, transportation, dockage, refits, maintenance, and staffing. Additionally we have relationships with experts in each of these associated areas of expertise who are reliable and professional.

We have visited with a wide spectrum of shipyards throughout the world and are familiar with their owners and knowledgeable about their building processes. This first-hand experience allows us to be quite effective in providing our clients with accurate information concerning construction techniques, and important insight into contract negotiation. Similarly, we have interacted with many brokers throughout the world. We are a member of the Florida Yacht Brokers Association, and hold one of the earliest issued Florida Yacht Brokers Licenses. We have direct access to practically every new yacht manufacturer and pre-owned yacht available in the world market, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to perform a complimentary yacht search for you to assist you in determining the market value and availability of any size or type of yacht.

Marine Consulting

With a well-grounded background in marina management, boat development, yacht importation and marketing, media promotions, waterfront events, expert witness tasks, passenger ship projects, and yacht operation, we are more than adequately prepared to provide consulting expertise in a diversity of marine related activities.

Projects have included; marina acquisition and multi-marina management (3,500 berths with full service facilities) including dealing with local state and federal authorities; design and development of a number of boats and yachts ranging from 31 to 85 feet, including the Porsche design boat and the renown Cigarette 38 (later known as the “Top Gun”); importation and marketing of yachts from Great Britain, Italy, France, Thailand, Australia; multiple movie and TV productions; concept, design, development and implementation of waterfront events including originating Poker Runs, international and national offshore racing events; major coordinator of international celebrations; expert witness testimony and marine consultant to the legal profession; extensive navigation of both North American and European waters and east coast endurance speed record holder.

In general, we have worked in every aspect of the marine environment with projects both in the USA and abroad including Europe, Australia, Asia and the South Pacific. Our significant base of knowledge is available to efficiently and cost effectively assist our clients to get results in the fastest time with the minimum of cost.